September 3rd, 2012

    The 2012 Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize has been around for the past 3 years and already shows a solid reputation. Simply check out the incredible jury that joined this year’s edition. Elizabeth Saltzman, Kenzo Takada, Bruno Frisoni, Roger Vivier, Lorenz Baumer, Alexandra Golovanoff, Nathalie Rykiel, Chantal Thomass, Harumi Klossowska de Rola, Jean-Jacques Picart.

    They gave us the honorable chance to be part of the 5 finalists next to Calla, IRM Design, Augustin Teboul and Quentin Véron. The final Fashion Show on the 16th October at the Plaza Athénée hotel will announce the jury’s final decision. The winner will  receive a 30.000 euros cheque and the chance to exhibit next to the 2013 Dorchester Collection.

    July 1st, 2012

    July 1st, 2012 did not celebrate only the thirty years of Louis, but also the fashion show the new collection “les Garçons”. In the court of the “Hotel de Croisille” in Paris, on the exclusive remix of Video Games by The Young Professionals.

    Faithful to their philosophy, Louis and Grégory proved that for the men also, relaxation did not versify with carelessness.

    Through the lingerie or the three-piece suit via the swimwear, the Boys offers a complete wardrobe made to preserve the elegance of the modern man until in his intimacy.

    Always word of a generation carries which continues, Les Garçons was the only French house of the Off calendar.


    From January 21st to 23rd 2012

    In parallel to our launch at the Jules&Jim hotel, we were also present at the Salon International de la lingerie in Paris. This 49th exceptional edition welcomed 18.604 visitors. 3 out of 4 came from abroad and yes today, Les Garçons is worn around the world and particularly in Asia, one of the hearts of our inspiration.

    A highly important « rendez-vous » for us. More than sales, we are in contact with the world of creations. A rare occasion to compare cultures, the « savoir-faire » and to evaluate the French market. And be assured, the French touch has many defenders.


    January 22nd, 2012

    The 22nd January 2012 could be our date of birth. The official launch of our new collection. A day that will not be forgotten. A great success.

    Our beautiful models captured the sense of our creations and took over the sumptuous hotel Jules&Jim. A presentation that we introduced to our image and collection. Opened to most, welcoming, without snobbery and bling. While Paris was on a runway, here our guest were traveling from room to room, discovering and experiencing our creations. Sharing our love of fashion. Closely. Because passion shouldn’t only exhibit itself, it should be shared.


    December 24th, 2011

    She is one of the biggest name in Fashion. She created, innovated and preserved a “savor-faire”, saved a culture. Chantal Thomass is a model. When we launched our brand in the new millennium, newly bachelors, she was already our inspiration. We wished to create the Chantal Thomass brand for men.

    Today, like an amazing blessing, Chantal has become our honored sponsor. She has accompanied us throughout the long process of recognition of Les Garçons. Her advice,her kindness, her passion for fashion is for us some of the most essential supports.

    More than a sponsor, she became a friend; the symbol of our new beginning.


    December 5th, 2011

    Like every year, when Christmas is near, Designers come together for a wonderful cause. At the Salomon de Rothschild hotel, many designers sell their creative Christmas tree in favor of the fight against cancer.

    A heavy period for us. Not only we had the Les Garçons tree to create but we also had to produce and make the one, signed Chantal Thomass, and the other, Jean-Paul Gaultier.

    What a fantastic experience. And what a great success. In front of the press and many VIP’s, we hit an amazing 7.500 euros with the auction of two trees; the JPG tree would later be sold in Germany.

    There is in this act, the essence of fashion: the pleasure to create and the pleasure to give. Fashion is an act of giving.


    September 2011

    This photo shoot marks the re-birth of our brand. In the heart of the Tyrol, in dreamy scenery, in the far end of a Valley, that we imagine populated by elves and unicorns, living in a fairy tale castle. With the renowned photographer, François Rousseau, behind the camera.

    This week of shoot has been a great joy. In the middle of the cows and the trees, everyone gave it their best. In this warm, professional and sometimes sexy atmosphere, our collection came to life.

    A shoot is creations, ideas, emotions that suddenly our fixed on glazed paper. It is a particularly moving moment.