Louis Gerin and Gregory Lamaud


Born in 1982, Louis and Grégory met in 2000 at ESMOD. Graduating with honors, Jean Charles De Castelbajac will crown them of the “Aiguille d’or”. They associated their dreams : men’s prêt-à-porter for Grégory, Haute Couture for Louis, and created their brand : “Les Garçons”. They draw, conceive, produce and commercialize lingerie, home wear and sportswear for men. Other aspects of their talent : they assure the role of Art Directors for the Messe Frankfurt Group and the Texworld fair. Recognized for their sensibility to trends forecast, they animate conferences and trend tables in Paris, Bangkok, Frankfort and New york City.

In 2012, Louis and Grégory (re)launched “Les Garçons”. The brand distinguishes itself by the leitmotiv: The reinterpretation of the Classics. The pieces of lingerie or home wear  are surprisingly simple but aesthetically refined and luxuriously comfortable.

The creations by “Les Garçons” are balanced between tradition and modernity. Louis and Grégory have been the first to re-introduce lace, ancient royalty fabric, in the men’s wardrobe. They also follow the historic association of the underwear and the shirt. Their creativity gave birth to a product since then copied : the boxer shorts “cut and sewed without a stitch”.

“There is in France, a “savoir-faire” that is at risk; it needs to be saved. We do not wish to revolutionize fashion; we have too much respect for it’s story. We want to bring, without imposing it, a new point of view. We can’t accept, that because of the economy, our culture disappears.”

To guarantee the comfort of the lingerie and home wear products, Louis and Grégory travel the world to seek out the best quality textile.

High technology synthetic fiber for the swimwear, modal and silk for the lingerie, these are the kind of quality fabrics used by “Les Garçons”. The suppliers are based in France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and China. Each detail, each fabric is important and most of the developments are exclusive.

“We deplore the departure of the “savor-faire” towards foreign countries and we hope that one day, we’ll be a part of their re-implantation. We will never compromise on the quality of our products. Our clients are close to our products for the quality and not for the signature. It’s for that reason that we refuse to Logotize ostentatiously our creations.”

Louis and Grégory created in 2009, the Trends Bureau “2G2L Fashion Design And Consulting”, and have become the youngest Art Directors of the Messe Frankfurt Group. For the past few years, they have been and still are the eyes of the aesthetic of Texworld Paris Trade Fair.

The creativity and the discipline of “Les Garçons”, brought them into the European and World wide textile market. They bring this expertise also as trendsetters : development of Trends Books, Conferences, Trend Tables, for the Paris and New York Texworld Trade fairs, Heimtextile in Frankfurt. They follow other European or Asian brands : Product development or brand image, photo shoot art direction, event organization and concept stores.

“We want to boost the trade shows images, give them a glamorous touch. Our work consist in offering a personality to these events. And at the same time, it’s a little of ourselves that we give”

Their outspokenness gave “Les Garçons” the opportunity to create the collective “Fre(n)sh Fashion Committee”. Regrouping Brands, created to accompany young designers in their approach, under the influence of “Les Garçons”. It became a reference in the fashion world.

Their love for fashion and it’s history, gave Grégory and Louis the urge to defend a world that is betrayed by economy and is locked up.

“A new wave of young designers exits, but today, they can’t only count on their talent to achieve their goal. Textile is the second industry world wide after the pharmaceutical industry. The arrival of purely marketed brands and the frivolity of the market, forces the young creation to stay in the shadow of their talented fathers.”

Today, the re-launching of the brand “Les Garçons” is sponsored by Chantal Thomass. Like other talented designers, she found in “Les Garçons” a freshness, a passion and a sincerity that she believed in, and that she fought to keep.

“All of our clothes have many lives. We don’t want to restraint their utility. We can attend a wedding wearing a pajama by “Les Garçons” and no one would notice. You bring life to our creations.”

Les Garçons : Beauty is a form of invisible modesty.